Advanced Information Logistics - Advanced Technology Services

Established in 2007, Advanced Information Logistics (AIL) is a privately held company delivering a wide range of Information Technology (IT) services and support to the public and government sector. The company was built with the vision of providing unparalleled customer service and learning how we can better serve our clients. We have a proven track record of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our customers resources and developing solutions to optimize operations.

AIL is a very dynamic company that has experienced large growth due to our ability to deliver remarkable solutions and customer service. A partnership with Verizon Federal Network Systems brought AIL to the forefront as the premier company supporting the Office of Naval Intelligence by providing server support, customer service and security implementation. Servicing primarily the Department Of Defense, AIL also has a proven track record with the United States Department of Health and Human services. AIL has revolutionized the National Data Warehouse for Center for Medicaid Services Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina. Partnering up with ACI Group, AIL redesigned the entire network architecture for a SUN Microsystems multi-million dollar environment. 

Our innovative team is highly skilled and certified with a vast amount of experience in providing high-quality service for customers who depend on us. Our company emphasizes the importance of security and reliability and ensures industry standards of best business practices are achieved. Our team is dedicated to getting the work done right. Our professionals have the following skills and certifications: Solaris System Certification for Solaris 9 and 10, Linux Red Hat System Administration, Information Systems Security Officer Certification, and Security+ Certification.